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Global Startup Program



The International Solar Alliance (ISA) has launched a dedicated program – Solar for Green Hydrogen – to support its membership in enabling Green Hydrogen (GH) deployment across various sectors. The program assesses and supports Green Hydrogen ecosystem readiness, including appropriate standards and certifications, and builds capacity to create and strengthen domestic as well as cross-border GH value chain.

ISA under the G20 India Presidency proposes to create a virtual Global Hydrogen Innovation Centre (GHIC) that will support the production, utilization, and trade of Green Hydrogen, besides providing a platform for knowledge sharing, and building competency across the GH value chain. This multifaceted web portal will be a one-stop platform with access to all relevant knowledge on Green Hydrogen, country insights, developments in hydrogen space, global initiatives and missions, skill development, and community engagement. ISA is being supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), under ADB’s Knowledge and Support Technical Assistance, in developing this Knowledge Platform. As part of the Program, the GHIC will also provide opportunities to incubate Start-Ups and host Expert Working groups through the Global GH Startup Program to support the scale-up of the Green Hydrogen ecosystem in member countries.

About Global GH Start-Up Program

Green Hydrogen is a rapidly evolving field, with increasing interest from investors and governments across the globe. The objective of creating the start-up program is to support development and commercialization of innovative technologies and solutions that aim for Green Hydrogen deployment and adoption. GH start-ups require a significant upfront investment, so securing funding is a crucial step. The Global Start-Up Program on the portal will create a bridge between producers and investors in the sector, thereby accelerating investments and creating a pool of entrepreneurs in this space. The program will also help to build partnerships among companies and stakeholders including suppliers, manufacturers, and government agencies.

The program will provide GH start-ups with an opportunity to submit ideas, innovations, business models, and/or a strategy. Following application form submissions, a designated panel/steering committee of global experts will review proposed ideas and business plans, including focus areas, target customers, revenue streams, and marketing strategy. This plan will be crucial in securing funding and attracting potential buyers. There will be various stages for funding including R&D funds, pilots, early commercial development, and commercial viability stage..

Creation of Global Green Hydrogen Startup Library

As part of the first step towards launching this Program, ISA is creating a Global Startup Library. The library will give the existing startups an opportunity to get their companies registered/empaneled on this portal. All relevant GH startups would be housed in the library.  Enlisting in this Library will entail several benefits for existing startups, such as:


Registration Form for Global Green Hydrogen Start-Up Library (Not all information required is mandatory. ISA is flexible to accommodate any non-disclosure request)