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Mission and Vision

Our Vision is to be the go-to global green hydrogen knowledge repository, empowering individuals, businesses, and governments with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on green hydrogen technologies, initiatives, and opportunities. We aim to foster a sustainable and prosperous future by promoting the adoption and advancement of green hydrogen as a key driver in the transition to a low-carbon, renewable energy economy.

At the Green Hydrogen Innovation Centre, the mission is to provide a one-stop platform that consolidates and disseminates the latest advancements, insights, and resources related to green hydrogen. The Centre strives to centralize knowledge, empower decision-making, facilitate global collaboration, promote training and awareness, track global developments and inspire innovation.

In essence, the Green Hydrogen Innovation Centre stands as a hub for all things related to green hydrogen, fostering a collaborative, informed, and inspired community dedicated to advancing the global transition towards a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

The Green Hydrogen Innovation Centre is an initiative of the International Solar Alliance under the instruction of the G20 India Presidency. The ISA acknowledges the support of the Asian Development Bank in developing this Knowledge Platform.

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  • The steering committee will consist of international experts from across the sectors, member countries, institutions, and organizations.
  • This expert group will provide advisory support in assuring high quality, deciding the priorities, action plan, and future course for the portal.
  • The steering committee will include representatives from industry, academics, policy & regulatory domains, and the financial sector.